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About Jaxbanded Theatre

Jaxbanded is a passionate new theatre company that was founded by Ois O'Donoghue and Ruairí Nicholl following their graduation from University College Dublin in 2020.

The name Jaxbanded is a bastardisation and play on the word 'Banjaxed', here meaning the Irish colloquialism for that which is broken down without any hope of recovery. In changing the word we hope to change the meaning, by creating theatre that can hopefully instill a sense of hope and togetherness (or to be 'banded together') in what can often be a broken down world that tries to seperate us. The word 'Jax' (bathroom) encapsulates this in a way, a contemporary place in which the Irish storytelling tradition is often the most alive and well.

The work of Jaxbanded incorporates any and all aspects of live performance including traditional theatrical writing, music and movement pieces. In embracing all of these elements, we aspire to create  new work that is original, stylistically unique and ultimately most representative of the theatre that we ourselves want to see in the world.

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